Sunday, December 7, 2014

Does God Care About My Weight Loss Plateau?

Venus Factor
You might be baffled by this pause in your weight loss, but God isn't. Does that mean that following a healthy eating plan, getting some exercise, staying away from diets and dangerous methods and praying will ward off a weight loss plateau forever? Even if you are doing all the "right things" you can still hit the dreaded plateau. There is good news though: The times I sharpened my CONSISTENCY with my exercise, healthy eating, and making time for God, I came out of it and started losing weight again. The other times when I caved under the pressure and turned again to diet pills, laxatives or other dangerous methods, I sank back into the dark pit of despair without losing weight anyway. The weight loss plateau might have been caused by a physiological problem, a lack of knowledge or just plain denial. If the reason for your weight loss plateau lies in a lack of consistency then you probably know it.

Venus Factor Program: The Pros And Cons
If interested, here are the pros and cons of this weight loss program.

No gym equipment required: unlike other weight loss programs that require you to consistently visit the gym for you to lose weight you don't need to visit the gym for you to lose weight using the program.

When you start the program, you don't have to stop eating your favorite food. As a result of this you not only easily lose weight, but you also easily stick to the program.

Just like everything else in life, the Venus factor program has its fair share of disadvantages